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Wilden Wet Repair Kit, 3" Bolted Metal, Santoprene

Extend the life of your diaphragms with Wilden Chem-Fuse Wet Repair Kits! Chem-Fuse diaphragms can last up to 3 times the life of a conventional diaphragm with its one piece design. Utilizing an integral piston, the outer piston wear and abrasion that is seen in conventional diaphragms is eliminated with Chem-Fuse. Wilden Wet Repair Kits contain genuine Wilden parts and only elastomers located on the wet side of the pump. Each kit contains replacements for primary wear parts and is vacuum-sealed to maintain parts integrity and cleanliness.
  • Contains quality Wilden parts
  • Available in Wil-Flex (Santoprene┬«)
  • Preserve Wilden factory warranties

Kit Components

  • Primary Diaphragms (2)
  • Diaphragm Installation Tool (2)
  • Valve Balls (4)
  • Valve Seat (4)
Wilden Wet Repair Kit, 3" Bolted Metal, Santoprene
Part #: 15-9826-58-217
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